Join SWAN to tell the strike of June 14th!

We propose a collective work with two goals: Firstly, support the feminist movement and the strike with what we do best: tell stories. And secondly, give the point of view of women on this historical strike for their rights.

How it works?

We encourage you to film a short film on June 14th and edit a 4 minutes piece. We'll choose the best 4 to 6 short films to be part of a short collective documentary film.


In order to give the final piece a coherence we, the SWAN TEAM in charge of the project, ask  the filmmakers to follow a few guidelines:


  • Be around 4 minutes long (04:00:00)

  • Follow one character through that special day from morning to night

  • Show the strike ongoing at least once in the editing

  • Respect all ethical basics about respect of people and law


We would also appreciate if you could film these 3 specific shots (which might be included in your short or not):


  • A small prologue of their main character starting the day ( 3 shots)

  • An opening shot of the city where you are (stand shot)

  • A stand shot of your character in one of the main space of your story just looking at the camera lens ( 15 seconds shot).


Except for those special shots mentioned just above, which will be used for the prologue and epilogue of the main project and to edit a trailer, your film won't be edited by the team. Your film will be totally free from the others. The only editorial choices will be to choose the elected shorts and the order of them in the main project. Credits will all be in the main credits at the end of the main project.

What happens next?

The SWAN team in charge of this project will join the shorts together and will give an introduction and credits to the final short film. We will also edit a teaser to distribute on social medias.


For the distribution, we will first try to sell the short film to a media outlet so that we can assure a good visibility and we will design a promotion strategy on social medias. In case it were sold and your short film were on it, you would receive a % from the net profits balanced with the number of final edited films (more info on the application form). If after a few weeks the short is not sold, we plan to release the short film on the internet following a social medias distribution strategy, partnering with other national and international associations.

Key dates

June 14th, obviously!

July 14th - DEADLINE to register and send the short films to SWAN through wetransfer.

Any questions?