Monday, January 25th 

between 10h00 and 15h30



For the past 5 years, SWAN Swiss Women's Audiovisual Network has been working to bring gender equality in the Swiss audiovisual industry. These efforts, combined with the raising of awareness of the whole industry have seen women gradually gaining ground in creative positions, such as directing, producing and writing. However, technical positions still constitute a difficult terrain for women. 


That is why, in partnership with Journées de Soleure/Solothurner Filmtage, we are organizing an event focused on supporting Swiss female Cinematographers and Sound Engineers, as well as women interested in these key creative on set positions. (camera assistant, lighting or grip technician, sound assistant etc.) 


  • One-to-one curated meetings between selected participants (See open call below) and well stablished producers, directors and other DOPs and Sound Engineers.  

  • Masterclass "The Career for Women Behind the Camera. A conversation with Sophie Maintigneux" by the experienced French Director Of Photography, based in Germany, Sophie Maintigneux. She has directed the photography on over 70 feature films and documentaries to date. Throughout her career she has garnered awards such as the German Camera Award in the Documentary category (2003 and 2009); plus a nomination for the same award in the Feature Film category (2007), among many others. This masterclass is addressed to anyone in the industry interested in the topic and registrations will be open at the beginning of January.






The event will take place on Monday, January 25th, between 10h00 and 15h30, within the frame of the activities of the section “À l’atelier” of the Festival. The exact schedule will be announced closer to the date of the event.  

The one-to-one meetings are addressed to women living in Switzerland who work in the departments of Cinematography and Sound in cinema and TV who wish to connect with key professionals in order to network and to better position themselves in the industry landscape.  

The masterclass is addressed to anyone in the industry interested in the topic and registrations will be open at the beginning of January. more infos here soon and on Solothurner Filmtage's website.



Because of the nature of the work in cinematography and sound, meeting directors and producers outside of a filmset is difficult. That is why we are organizing one-to-one curated meetings between the selected participants (female workers of those technical departments) and advisors: established directors, producers and other DOPs and Sound Engineers.

By doing this, on one hand, the participants will be able to introduce their work (visibility!) and the goals in their careers. At the same time, the advisors will get to meet new professionals for potential future hirings, and exchange professional information and tips with the participants.


These introductory meetings are envisioned as casual but efficient conversations. They will last 20 minutes each, and there will be around 6 meetings arranged for each participant. This will all happen in Zoom. After a general introduction to the event to all the guests, the participants and advisors will be divided in breakout rooms so they can have their individual chats.   

SWAN will invite the advisors to participate in the meetings and will arrange the schedule for each meeting. The participants will know in advance who they are meeting and SWAN will give some days before the event a little guidance on how to address the meetings. As much the list of selected participants as the one of advisors attending the meetings will be announced before Christmas. 

How to apply


This open call is addressed to women who want to specifically participate in the one-to-one meetings. They need to have some years of experience and have advanced in their careers, even if they are not officially Directors of Photography or Sound Engineers/boom operators on set yet. 

SWAN will select 10 professionals to participate in the one-to-one meetings, among the applications we receive. The selection process will be made by a commission of 3 experienced professionals, seating on SWAN’s executive committee.


The open call is for women who:

  • Live and work in Switzerland 

  • Work in the camera or sound departments 

  • Are members of SWAN association (not a member? Join us!)

  • Have demonstrated experience and are willing to climb the next step 

  • Are available to participate in the event on Monday, January 25th, in different moments from 10h00 to 15h30.

Important dates

  • December 4th: deadline to apply to the one-to-one meetings. 

  • December 22th: announcement of selected participants and advisors. 

Application and participation are free of charge


If you have any question, please write an email to

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. See you online on the 25th!



This event is a project from SWAN's 50/50 in 2020, equality is possible

It has received the support of

Federal Office for Gender Equality,

Ernst Göhner Stiftung,

SuissimageSwissperform, SSA, 

SSFV, Stiftung für Erforschung der Frauenarbeit.


SWAN thanks its supporters and its partner Journées de Soleure / Solothurner Filmtage as well as the SWAN Executive Committee members and Commission members for their work and engagement.


On Tuesday January 28th, Solothurner Filmtage new Festival Director Anita Hugi and SWAN Co-Presidency will review the first numbers since the signing of the Pledge for parity and diversity in cinema festivals last year.

Following it, SWAN Swiss Women's Audiovisual Network invites you to its traditional Let's meet for a drink! Bring a friend & come meet fellow SWANs.


The whole day is packed with Gender celebrations. Join us!


FemaleAct is presenting its association advocating for equality & diversity in film & on stage and Anita Hugi launches a women in film edit-a-thon in collaboration with Wikimedia.


Tuesday January 28th, 2020


10:00 - 11:30

Barock Cafe

FemaleAct Association Presentation

FemaleAct calls for the portrayal of characters to become more complex and closer to life in terms of gender, race, class, etc. so that all sections of the population can find themselves in them.
With actrices Anna-Katharina Müller, Anja Martina Schaerer, Corinne Soland,

Oriana Schrage, Barbara Terpoorten, Beren Tuna, Wanda Wylowa.
Moderation: Monika Schärer. In German.


starting at 15:00

Future Lounge / Künstlerhaus S11

SWAN Association - Solothurner Filmtage Pledge Review 

Presentation of the numbers, one year after the signing of the Pledge 
With: Anita Hugi, Gabriel Baur, Laura Kaehr, Stéphane Mitchell.

followed by 

Who writes his_tory? Edit-a-thon on women film directors 

public workshop for Wikipedia beginners and pros, in order to write together

notices of women working in film. Bring your laptop & join in writing (in German, French and English)

Launch: Anita Hugi.
With: Nicole Boillat & Chris Regn (Feminist video & art library Bildwechsel Basel),

Ursula Pfander (SFT Press attachée),

Muriel Staub, Flor Mechain & Daniela Brugger (Wikimedia CH),

Saskia Walker (SFT selection committee member & Co-editor of Revolver Magazine) etc.




SWAN Association - Let's meet for a drink!

Our traditional Solothurn relaxed networking event. Come have a cider with us.



SWAN & Solothurner Filmtage
have signed the Film Festival Pledge for Parity and Inclusion

This historic signature took place at our third annual Solothurn networking event Let's meet for a drink, on January 30th 2019 at Uferbau.

Lots of SWANs gathered to witness the signature, connect and network before heading to the Night of nominations.

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