In January 2015, ARF/FDS, Cinésuisse and FOCAL presented the Swiss study about the distribution of public film funds «Film in Switzerland: Facts and Figures about Gender Diversity», a study conducted mainly by Ursula Häberlin, Nicole Schroeder and Matthias Bürcher. The findings showed that in Switzerland, women directors, screenwriters and producers were significantly disadvantaged when receiving public film funds. Women applied less than men, were less often selected, and when they were, received less money.


In 2016, SWAN core group members published the results and their analysis in a brochure, with the support of ARF and FOCAL.

Since the publication, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture started collecting data. In 2017, it published
new figures and will keep collecting data. The same year, the Gender Equality Cinesuisse workgroup (including SWAN core group members) convinced all Swiss Film Founding instances to start collecting data on a larger scale: the Gender Map.