In November 2020, SWAN published a study on the gender issue in the Swiss commercial industry.

This study was initiated by SWAN Swiss Women‘s Audiovisual Network and aims to examine available figures in advertising. The study shows that women are extremely underrepresented in creative positions of commercial productions.

The images we see in commercials present a picture of the society we live in. If this picture is predominantly moulded by the point of view of male creators, sexism and biased stereotypes are likely to be perpetuated, as are misrepresentations of marginalized groups. The underrepresentation of women in creative positions in commercials has both a social and an economic impact: stereotypical/sexist representations of society affect the Swiss population as a whole, while the discrimination affects directly the careers and finances of women in the audiovisual industry.

SWAN sees this data collection as a first step to evaluate and implement further actions and measures towards equality in the Swiss commercial industry.