The Visions du réel festival has shared its 2020 numbers with SWAN, to follow up on its commitments on gender equality after signing the SWAN pledge.




a) Feature films

(to be completed)


b) Short films

(to be completed)


a) Organisation of the Visions du réel Festival


The Foundation board: the President of Visions du Réel is a man, Raymond Loretan, and the Foundation board is composed of 5 women and 6 men (45% women):

Gilles Pache M, Yvan Quartenoud M, Andreas Bachmann-Helbling M, Lionel Baier M, Irène Challand, W, Pauline Gygax, W, Bernadette Nelissen W, David Rihs M, Cornelia Seitler W, Olivier Thomas M, Sonia Weil W.

Direction of the festival 

The direction of Visions du Réel is 100% women: Emilie Bujès, Artistic Direction; Martine Chalverat, Director of administration and operations


b) The Selection Committee


The 2020 selection committee was composed of 3 women and 2 men: Emmanuel Chicon M, Rebecca De Pas W, Elena Lopez Riera W, Giona Nazzaro M, Madeline Robert W

c) Juries

  • International Competition Feature Films  : Marco Alessi, Frédéric Boyer, Ursula Meier - 2 men / 1 woman (33% women)
    (the jury was supposed to be mostly feminine but due to COVID and to the nature of the last minute online dimension, one female jury member had to give up her spot at the last minute)

  • International Competition Burning Lights : Valentina Novati, Bianca Oana, Ala Eddine Slim - 2 women / 1 man (66% women)

  • National Competition : Karim Sayad, Alessandro Stellino, Jia Zhao - 2 men / 1 woman (33% women) 

  • International Competition Medium Length & Short Films Manuel Abramovich, Pedro Fernandes Duarte, Simone Späni - 2 men / 1 woman (33% women)


There was a desire to have a majority of women in the international feature competitions but because of COVID-19, the last minute online re-organisation made it unfortunately not possible. 

NOTE:  out the 3 guests of honneur, 2 were men, 1 was a woman who was the most important guest in 2020, as Maître du Réel : Director Claire Denis.


d) Female directors in the Selection process

In 2020, the selection process did collect gender data on selection process.


e) Selected female directors

Total: 67 female directors, 71 male directors. (48,5 % of women directors)


The method of calculation considers the total number of female directors of the film and not the gender of the film. The data collection methodology is not yet finalized, the parties involved (Visions du réel and SWAN) are discussing which method of calculation would be more accurate for the next years.