Workshop: Intimacy on Set

24 September 2021 09h30 – 13h30, Kosmos Kinosaal 3, Lagerstrasse 104, 8004 Zürich

Although sex scenes on set have become routine, they continue to be a major challenge for actors, directors and the film crew. So far, there have not been any guidelines for a safe context that helps actors deal with intimacy and nudity.

The staging of sex scenes demands greater care from all involved. How do you create a safe space in which the dignity, intimacy and personal boundaries of the performers are respected and a free, authentic and credible performance is still possible? Intimacy Coordinators support directors and actors in mastering this balancing act.

Speaker: Founder of Culture Change Hub Barbara Rohm
Intimacy Coordinator: Chun Mei Tan
Guests: Director Jan Gassmann, Turnus Film producer Michael Steiger
Actors: Lea Whitcher, Hans-Caspar Gattiker