Aylin Gökmen

Regisseurin, Erzählerin, Schriftstellerin

Aylin Gökmen is a director, producer and editor from Valais and a member of SWAN’s Executive Committee.

After earning a BA in Arts from the University of Lausanne, she was awarded a scholarship to study Documentary Filmmaking in the DocNomads Master’s Programme (Portugal, Belgium, Hungary). In 2019, she did an internship at the Documentary Campus Foundation (Germany); as an Assistant Coordinator, she took part in the organization of numerous workshops and industry events for audiovisual professionals.

In 2020, she came back to Switzerland and founded the production structure “A Vol d’Oiseau”, within which she collaborates with Swiss and foreign artists. She then finished her graduation project, which was selected in important film festivals such as Sundance and Locarno, and is still being screened around the world. She is currently working on various projects, including her upcoming film as a producer and director, which is supported by institutions and sponsors such as Kodak, Cinéforom and Culture Valais.

As a member of several associations, she is very active in the cultural and social field, and is particularly committed to fighting for the rights of people who experience discrimination and disadvantage. In June 2021, she became the coordinator of “Autour du 14 Juin”: the first feminist festival in Valais, organized by the members of the Collectif Femmes * Valais. The festival was a success and “Réalisatrices valaisannes”, an event dedicated to women filmmakers which she curated and moderated, was held at full capacity with 100 tickets sold.

She dreams of a more inclusive Swiss cinema and wishes to engage herself further in this path, aiming to make cinema more accessible not only to women, but to anyone who is marginalized and underrepresented in this field. Therefore, whenever opportunities arise, she gives filmmaking classes to people who don’t have access to it, notably in remote rural areas and in psychiatric hospitals. Finally, she is also a curator and host for Docs in Orbit, a podcast by and for documentary filmmakers.