Genderstudie in der Schweizer Werbung

The advertising industry offers filmmakers the opportunity of big budget shoots,  top notch visual prowess, special technical experience, international connection and the chance to build a portfolio, not to mention a steady income. SWAN decided to take a look at the Swiss situation.

The EDI Awards is an annual awards ceremony that honours the best commissioned films in Switzerland in various categories.
The results of SWAN’s study are appalling. For the past 5 years, less than 10% of all creative nominees are female. The jurors of the 21st edition are overwhelmingly male.

Our study also reveals that most production companies directors roster average only 11% of women directors.

SWAN sees this data collection as a first step to evaluate and implement further actions and measures towards equality in the Swiss commercial industry. SWAN intends to collaborate with FreetheWork, (originally FreeTheBid) which successfully launched an international effort to reduce the Gender Gap in the advertising industry.