Anaïs Voirol

Animatrice 2D/3D, Réalisatrice de film d'animation, Illustratrice

Anaïs Voirol is a co-opted member of SWAN’s Executive Committee.

She was born 1990 in Sins AG and works as an independent animator and illustrator based in Zurich. Her illustrations and animations have varied in mediums such as games, opera, life visuals, books and films.

At the age of seven her teacher recommended to send her to the artist Barbara Hug to take additional private art classes. She took them until the age of 16, when she decided to make an apprenticeship as a bookseller in the anarchistic bookstore Paranoia City Buch & Wein in Zurich. In 2012 after selling books for over three years, she applied to the visual preparation course at Zurich University of Arts. She followed the artistic path by studying 2D Animation at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, including a semester abroad at Film University Konrad Wolf in Babelsberg, Germany. She got her bachelor degree in 2016 and was able to show her graduation film «Perfect Town» in over forty film and animation festivals worldwide.

In June 2018 she joined SWAN as a co-opted Executive Committee member, to inform, research and to hack oppressing thinking patterns, eventually finding creative solutions for more gender equality in the film industry. Since, Anaïs has participated in the elaboration of SWAN’s vision and goals, and been in charge of Visuals, with Orane Burri.