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Industry links

ARF-FDS - Swiss Filmmakers Association

BAK-OFC - Federal Office of Culture, Film Department

Cinesuisse - Swiss audiovisual Umbrella association

Female Act! (actresses)

FOCAL - Foundation for professional training in cinema and audiovisual media

GARP - Group Authors Directors Producers

IG - Independent Swiss Film Producers Association

SFP - Swiss Film Producers Association
Soeurs Lumière Cineclub

SSA - Swiss Author's Society

SSFV - Swiss Film and Video Guild

SSR-SRG - Swiss National Public Broadcaster

Suissimage - Swiss Author's Rights
Swissperform - Collecting Society for Neighbouring Rights

Swiss Films - Promotion Agency for Swiss Filmmaking

Ticino Film Commission

International Umbrella Organisations

EWA- European Women’s Audiovisual Network

FERA - Federation of European Film Directors

WIFTI - Women in Film & TV International



National Organisations

Agnes Films - supporting women and feminist filmmakers (UK)

Alliance for Women Film Composers (USA)

Cinematographinnen (women DoP) (D)

Dissenso Comune (I)

FC Gloria (AU)

Les femmes s'animent (femmes animatrices) (F)

Film Fatales (USA)

Filmtonfrauen (women in sound) (D)

Frauen in der Animation in Deutschland (D)

Free the bid - Pledge for women in advertising (UK)

Game Changer - A film fund for women directors (USA)

Geena Davis Institute on Gender bias (USA)

Intimacy Directors International (on set intimacy coaches) (UK)

Le Deuxième Regard (F)

Pro Quote Film (D)

Raising Films (combining family and filmmaking) (UK)

ReFrame (mentorship) (USA)

Time's Up (advocacy against sexual harassment) (USA)

Women in Animation (USA)

Women and Hollywood (USA)

Women in Film Germany (D)
Women in Film Italia (I)

Women in Film (Se)

Women in Film Los Angeles (USA)

National women database

Femdat (CH)

She Knows (by AllianceF - CH)
Expertes - Le Temps (CH) (CH-D)

International Inclusive Database and Directories

CrewVie (Diverse Crew Members Global Database)

Database of women filmmakers US (USA)

La Bible 50-50 (F)

Nordic Women in Film (Scandinavia)

Primetime Network (database of filmmakers) (USA-global)



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