Anonymous testimonies of sexism and sexual harassment in the Swiss film industry

@ch_metoowall is an anonymous space for any woman* working in the Swiss film industry to submit personal accounts of sexist comments and gestures, sexual harassment or, in the most tragic case, sexual abuse that happened while working in the film business. This space is designed to raise awareness about the barriers and adverse conditions women* face in the film industry. We welcome stories from women* in all positions including directors, writers, producers, actors, production designers, cinematographers, assistant directors, art directors, animators, festival employees, film critics, film teaching assistants, game designers. If you are a woman* working in the screen-based industry and you have a story to share, we want to hear it from you.

Inspired by tumblr pages like Shit people say to women directors, Paye Ton Tournage or Instagram accounts such as SwissMediaToo, we want to collect and publish anonymous testimonies of women* from the industry to anecdotally map out the lived situation in our country.

How to give your testimony?

We are using BlockSurvey, a secure online application which guarantees that the messages received are not traced.

If you want to tell your story, please do it through the link below. In order to preserve your anonymity and those involved in your story, we kindly ask you to:

  • Not to sign with your name.
  • Not to mention any people, groups or companies by name or detailed description.
  • Not to mention specific places by name or description.
  • Not to mention any project specifics that can lead to recognition.
  • Indicate your position and the position of the people involved, if possible.
  • Make a statement in English, if you feel comfortable with it. If not, it is not a problem, you can write in French, German or Italian and we will translate it for you.

Click here to give your testimony

Once the moderator in charge receives your testimony, she will check whether it follows the guidelines or not. If it does not follow them, she can edit the text to make sure it is presented under the rules and also for clarity. Then the text will be posted on the @ch_metoowall Instagram account.

Feel free to select a title or a quote from your statement that can be used as cover image of your post. Otherwise the moderator will choose one for you.

By sending your testimony, you agree to give the administrators your rights on the text you have sent and authorize its reproduction and representation on all types of media.

Important: If posting a statement is not enough, if you are in serious trouble, need help, want to seek legal action or just want someone to talk to, SWAN is unfortunately not equipped to help you directly. In this case, please visit our page Office for Equality → Legal and psychological support for victims of sexual harassment. It is a list of resources and contacts in different regions of Switzerland, from institutions to specialised lawyers, where you can find a safe place to explain your situation.



@ch_metoowall is an initiative of SWAN – Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network.

This project was made possible thanks to the support of Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Federal Office of Gender Equality, GARP, GFSA, Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung, Suissimage, SWISSPERFORM, SSA, ssfv and Stiftung für Erforschung der Frauenarbeit.