Office for Equality and Diversity

The Office for Equality and Diversity in the Swiss Audiovisual Industry was created by SWAN to promote gender equality and diversity in every layer of the audiovisual industry and to reinforce the career of women* by providing useful and up-to-date information.

SWAN would like to thank the Federal Office for Gender Equality and Migros Culture Percentage for their support.



Raise awareness

The Center informs the players of the industry as well as the public about gender and diversity issues in the Swiss audiovisual industry. It provides information, sets up prevention and awareness campaigns, develops educational tools and takes part in pilot projects.


The Center addresses the stereotypes, prejudices and violence that female* professionals and minorities are faced with. It also highlights their undervalued and invisible work.


The Center helps women* find resources for a safer work environment and equal pay, training, funding and access to employment. It also supports companies, organisations and authorities in their efforts to establish a more balanced and inclusive industry.


The Center conducts researches and produces studies on topics related to gender and diversity in the Swiss audiovisual industry.


Project leaders

Project leaders

Although they are few in number, there are programs that promote diversity and support female* authors, producers, directors and screenwriters in the development of their project.

This list is still under construction.


Work environment

Work environment

This list is still under construction.