Delphine Luchetta

Videografa, Fotografa

Delphine Luchetta is a member of SWAN’s Executive Committee. She is also the online content producer of the association.

She lives and works in Geneva. She has worked with many artists and cultural organizations such as Iris Gallarotti, MAMCO, Cie 7273, Mapping Festival.

Trained as a screenwriter and in post-production (analog, digital) she is the founder of Susu-prod, a production company active since 2002, and develops documentary, fictions and interactive video projects. With a long experience as technical crew member on short films, she also is versed in journalism, having interviewed such personalities as Isabelle Carré, Billy Gould and Vincent Cassel.

In 2017, she joined the team of Ressources Urbaines, a cultural and real estate coop in Geneva which offers affordable production, exchange and diffusion spaces to artists and creators.

Working as community manager and animator, she creates photos, videos, texts, sounds clips and interviews to produce portraits, news clips and announcements to both promote and archive the coop’s activities.