Reta Guetg

Responsabile dell'industria, Programmatrice

Reta Guetg is a co-opted member of SWAN’s Executive Committee.

She grew up in Bern, Switzerland. Ever since she has been interested in culture. In film she has found the perfect combination, of visual art, music and story telling. After a short look into her first passion of becoming a clown, she started to get involved in film. She holds a Master of Arts in Film Studies «Netzwerk Cinema» from the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne.She is the co-founder of the SHNIT FOUNDATION as a member of the board and has been in charge of the artistic direction from 2005 until 2014. After its initiation in Switzerland, SHNIT has developed to become an international short film festival with a unique concept – a transnational film festival simultaneously taking place in multiple cities on five continents. Besides she takes an active part within film politics as board member of the Bernese Film Association. Currently Reta Guetg works for Zurich Film Festival as Head of Industry and programmer.