Orane Burri

Director, Storyteller, Script writer

Orane Burri is a co-opted member of SWAN’s Executive Committee.

Swiss film director, script writer and storyteller, Orane Burri studied cinema and worked in Paris for more than 12 years: directing TV commercials (Nintendo, Ubisoft, Orange), documentaries such as “Tabou” (about suicide – 4-time awards winner, screened in more than 30 international film festivals) and “Deadly Weapons”, short films and video creations for live shows.

In 2012, she chose to stop directing senseless commercials for ethical reasons, and moved back to Switzerland, where she lives now, writing and shooting only engaged fiction or documentary projects that fit her values_ “Non” (short), a feminist essay, “War Cleaners” (documentary), a portrait of a small demining foundation struggling in NGO’s business market, “Dublin” (short), critic of the Dublin’s agreement and shot with refugees.

Developping transmedia projects since 2010, she is also exploring new ways of telling stories and involving the public into them. “Capital, le Tramoscope”, – and most of all – the “Totemi” project, are part of this exciting game! This brought her to teach transmedia at the HES-SO Comem+media engineer students besides her writing and directing work. She’s now writing her first feature film.

Her experiences in commercial, full of gender clichés, opened her eyes on the unbalanced situation of women in media and make her a light but strongly engaged feminist in her projects and everyday life, and… a SWAN!