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The most employed women in the British film industry

"Last week I looked at the most employed people in the UK film industry. This week I thought I would merge this approach with a topic I have written a lot about previously, namely gender. I took a look at the women in the British film industry who have the most credits over the last 10 years across all UK films budgeted over £500k. In summary…" Stephen Follows.


What percentage of a UK film crew is female?

"Last month, I published a report into what percentage of crews on the top US grossing films of the past 20 years are women. I found that, on average, women made up only 23% of a typical film crew and in some jobs such as cinematography and composing, it was around 2%. The results were reported widely and sparked a healthy debate about the causes and what, if anything, should be done." Stephen Follows


What percentage of a film crew is female?

"Today I am releasing the results of a long-term project. For a while, I’ve been looking at the numbers behind female film crew members over the past 20 years." Stephen Follows


How good are movies which pass the Bechdel Test?

"Last week the guys at FiveThirtyEight published a great analysis of the box office performance of films which pass the Bechdel Test. My first thought was ‘damn’ as I have also been working on a similar study. They have been extremely thorough and it’s well worth reading their article. In order to avoid repeating their work I have shifted my research to look at how good the films that pass the Bechdel test are." Stephen Follows


Do women in film have a harder time than men?

"I figured that asking outright “Is the film industry sexist?” would create a skewed result so I used a sneaky method to get closer to the truth. I presented one group three general statements and then a similar group were show the same three statements but mixed with a fourth statement about women having a harder time in the film industry than men. Both groups were asked how many of the statements they agreed with in total (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4). By comparing the two sets of results we can deduce the average effect of the additional gender statement." Stephen Follows


The ‘Feminized Society’ Myth

How the gender perception gap makes a female minority feel like a majority. - In These Times