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How often are women hired in key film departments?

"In the most recent issue of The Hollywood Reporter, they covered the efforts being made to increase the representation of women in below-the-line roles. As part of this coverage, I was asked to crunch the data on the number of women working in specific film departments." - Stephen Follows


‘Honey Boy’ Director Alma Har’el on Golden Globes: ‘They Have No Awareness at All’ - Variety

“Honey Boy” director Alma Har’el has an idea for how to revamp the Golden Globes voting selection process. Her proposal, to create gendered categories as a way to reach parity, comes after the news that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association failed to nominate a single female director or screenwriter for a Golden Globe. - Variety


Venice International Film Festival is paying lip service to its pledge on gender transparency

"Things are really bad for women filmmakers at the 76th Venice International Film Festival with its poor record on female representation. Of the 21 films in competition, only two are directed by women. The appointment of the female Argentinian director, Lucrecia Martel, as jury president is a step in the right direction but she cannot solve the issue alone – especially when some of her views on female-only quotas appear to be ignored by the men in charge." The Conversation


Women Drive Majority of Consumer Purchasing and It's Time to Meet Their Needs

Women Drive Majority of Consumer Purchasing and It's Time to Meet Their NeedsWomen spend more time than men each day making purchasing decisions for their families. Why don't more businesses, large and small, think of women first when creating new products and services? - Inc.


What percentage of film producers are women?

"Last week, I looked at producers’ careers and this week I am going to use the same data to look at how the picture differs between male and female film producers. This research harnesses my dataset of every feature film released between 1949 and 2018 inclusive. This includes 631,365 producer credits across 274,991 films and 269,385 individual producers." - Stephen Follows


Respecting Women as Purchasers is Key to Business Growth

It's surprising that more people, especially salespeople, haven't yet figured out that women account for 85 percent of all purchases and drive 70-80 percent of all consumer spending. - Entrepreneur


Are women less likely to direct a second movie than men?

"Last week, I looked at the average number of films a director is likely to make in their career, and also how many directors work on the average film. Today I am taking into account the gender of directors and looking at how the experiences of male and female directors differ." - Stephen Follows