The SUISSIMAGE Cultural Foundation sends a strong signal in favour of gender equality in the Swiss Film industry with their women directors’ contest. On August 5th 2018, the Jury awarded two feature film projects: QUIET LAND by Ursula Meier and FOUDRE by Carmen Jaquier, with a total prize amount of 1.4 million Swiss Francs.


In April 2018, the Foundation received a total of 37 feature film projects - 21 fictions and 16 documentaries; 22 in German, 13 in French and 2 in Italian - proving that female cinema is alive and diverse. Given the high quality of the applications and the financial means invested, the choice was difficult for the SUISSIMAGE cultural commission, acting as a Jury and composed of Anne Delseth, Kaspar Kasics, David Rihs, Carola Stern and Eva Vitija. There is therefore still lots of space to invest in women cinema in Switzerland !

SWAN Swiss Women's Audiovisual Network is proud to have hosted this first ceremony!

Moments of action: Suissimage awarded women receiving their prizes

Media coverage

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