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Does AI have a gender?

Is artificial intelligence the demise or the answer to providing visibility to the work of women and marginalised audiovisual creators?


Sound match-making session @ZFF 2020

Sound match-making session @ZFF 2020


Film Music Award Winners @ZFF 2020

SWAN teamed up with WIFTG - Women in Film and Television Germany to organize a panel on film music award winners in 2020.


She goes for animation @Fantoche 2020

Fantoche and SWAN organised a discussion about specific issues faced by women in animation.


Challenges and changes

SWAN members and international guests discuss the present and near future of cinema during in COVID-19 pandemic.


Shifting the narrative panel @Berlinale 2020

Organised by ProQuote Film, this panel was part of the The 2nd International Round Table taking place at Berlinale, with 55 organisations from 25 countries united. Best Practice – Sharing Key Ideas and Successes.


Gender equality in the short film industry

With much being made of gender equality within the film business, with both film production and major festivals such as Cannes and Venice all coming under intense scrutiny, this panel will explore gender (in)equality within the world of short film. Discussed are the steps that can be taken to ensure short film can lead the way in terms of diversity and inclusivity.


SWAN @Solothurn Film Festival 2020

January 2020 was packed with gender celebrations at Solothurn Film Festival