Archives 2021


Sexualised violence in film and beyond

On December 4, 2021, Human Rights Film Festival Zurich will host the screening of Alison Kuhn's "The Case You", a documentary centered on sexualised violence in the film industry. The projection will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic.


SWAN Talks: Introduction to the Development of Impact Campaigns

We are happy to announce the first talk of our series SWAN Talks: Introduction to the Development of Impact Campaigns. Ana Castañosa, producer and project manager of FIFDH Impact Days, will speak about the basics of impact distribution and the opportunities at the Impact Days.


Case study - OSS 117: Alerte Rouge en Afrique Noire

Case study presented by Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen, a French film music composer and songwriter based in Paris, in cooperation with WIFT and AWFC.


Matchmaking for Women in Media & Music @ZFF 2021

SoundTrack_Zurich has selected a series of experienced professionals (mainly female directors, music supervisors, publishers and producers) who are interested in meeting female composers and sound designers in order to exchange knowledge, to give advice, or just to expand their network.


Live-Interview with Milena Fessmann

Welcome words by Ivana Kvesic (SWAN) and Cornelia Köhler (WIFT) with a live-interview with music supervisor Milena Fessmann, hosted by composer Mirjam Skal in cooperation with WIFT and AWFC.


Workshop: Intimacy on Set

Although sex scenes on set have become routine, they continue to be a major challenge for actors, directors and the film crew. So far, there have not been any guidelines for a safe context that helps actors deal with intimacy and nudity.


SWAN General Assembly 2021

Save the date for the annual general assembly of SWAN! We are looking forward to share with you all the information about SWAN's activities this year. Important news will be announced. We hope you can attend in person or at least via Zoom!


Focus Day: Film.Pionierinnen – Panel

Panel discussion at the 56th edition of the Solothurn Film Festival, as part of the exhibition Women.Rights at the National Museum Zurich, moderated by Solothurn Film Festival director Anita Hugi and Landesmuseum Zurich director Denise Tonella, featuring directors Anka Schmid and Marianne Pletscher, historian Elisabeth Joris, and film director and SWAN co-president Gabriel Baur.


Her Story Box

“Her Story Box” is a series of filmed interviews of women who have shaped Swiss film since the 1970s. What was the driving force behind their artistic creation and their cinematic activity?