Solothurn Film Festival | SO PRO & Contra II: Shortage of female workers and excess of hierarchy

20 January 2024 15h45 – 19h00, Stadttheater TOBS, Theatergasse 16-18, 4500 Solothurn

The Swiss film industry is currently faced with a shortage of female workers, namely assistants to directors and producers on-set. Is this situation the result of an unattractive and gendered work culture, steeped in hierarchies? Are film crews’ current organizations a hindrance to career paths or are they allowing responsibilities to be distributed evenly? Should behind-the-scene female collaborators be granted with more decision-making power or should the integrity of an artistic project remain in the hands of its sole creator? Moreover, are international co-productions making new generations precarious?

To discuss these current topics, SWAN – Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network has teamed up with the Solothurn Film Festival and 23bis to host a panel discussion. As a preamble to the panel discussion, the directors of the festival shared the annual gender statistics to follow up on their commitments on equality and diversity, after signing the SWAN’s pledge in 2019.




Spoken in French and German.





SWAN – Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network would like to thank Mathilde Neau, Emilien Gür, Niccolò Castelli, Monica Rosenberg, Dexmusic, Solothurn Film Festival, 23bis, ARF/FDS and SSFV for making this event possible.