Producing and co-producing, against stereotypes @ZFF

27 –07 octobre 2018 00h00, Zurich Film Festival

SWAN is extremely proud to have partnered with the Zurich Film Festival and the Zurich Summit to debate in front a an international audience of Industry Key Players on ways to address and combat stereotypes as producers and coproducers.

SWAN hosted a panel at the Zurich Summit with speakers Sedika Mojadidi (Independent filmmaker | producer), Elizabeth Karlsen (Producer & Co-Director | Number 9 Films), Elena Pedrazzoli (Producer | Peacock Film and SWAN Co-President Gabriel Baur (Director | Author | Producer).
The discussion was moderated by SWAN Executive Committee member Anke Beining (Utofilm).​

This panel was made possible thanks to the generous support of GARP, IG and SFP.