SWAN 50/50x2020 PROJECTS
equality is possible

To achieve Gender Equality and Diversity in the Swiss Audiovisual Industry, SWAN focuses on two issues :

A) Women Career Development & B) Raising Awareness.



SWAN throws tailored Networking Events at Important Film festivals, to connect women with women and men working in the industry.

Further more, SWAN is developing the first Swiss Women in Audiovisual National Database to raise the visibility of the many women working at all levels and in all fields of the audiovisual industry.



To raise awareness on the issue of Gender Equality and Diversity, SWAN targets 5 issues:

SWAN will open the digital and physical Bureau of Equality and Diversity for the Audiovisual Industry, to provide information and advice regarding all matters of gender equality and diversity in the industry.

Panels & round tables on all topics surrounding Gender, Diversity and Equality in the audiovisual industry


Podcasts (coming soon)

Sexual harassment and abuse prevention in the audiovisual industry


Unconscious bias training



These projects have been made possible with the generous support of many sponsors:

Main Institutional partner : BFEG LOGO


Institutional partner : BAK LOGO

And Suissimage LOGO, SSA LOGO, Erforshung für Frauenarbeit logo, SSFV logo (and more)